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The Full Story


Welcome to learning more about Aqua North Solutions. My name is Chuck Knuth and I am the managing partner.

Back in 1995 I set out from college working in the foodservice industry with Schools and from that beginning 27 years ago I have remained in this industry gaining much knowledge of our industry and becoming CFCSP (Certified Food Service Professional). For the past 15 years I have been working with water filters and equipment repairs. I have seen firsthand how new equipment with no filtration can stop working due to lime build up in the boiler in just 6 weeks. I have worked with restaurants, schools, health care and all sorts of other customers to care for their equipment and water filtration needs. I have decided to put my passion for water filtering to the front of my career journey and perform water filters exchanges, installations and water testing.

My partner (Nicole) is the majority owner of Aqua North Solutions. So we are a women owned business. She is the one guiding the financials, marketing and HR of the LLP.



We strive to give customers trusted water filters advice and setup exceptionally well executed filter service programs



The Foodservice industries trusted authority for water filter services and advice

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