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We provide:

  • Filter exchange services

    • We swap out your existing filters (regardless of the brand)

    • The exchange schedule is based on the unit water needs, hours of operation, size of the current filter and previous schedule

  • Installation of new systems

    • If we need to cut in to copper, we partner with a local plumber as we are not licensed plumbers

    • If the water shut off is near the filter system and we are only swapping out the filters system, then Aqua North can perform all the work needed.

  • Water Testing

    • While on site, per the filter exchange schedule, we will test for the following:

      • Calcium Carbonate hardness (typically Calcium and Magnesium which forms lime in your equipment)

      • Total Hardness

      • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

      • Ammonia (if ammonia is present then your municipality is using chloramines to maintain safe drinking water standards but it’s hard on your equipment)


We guarantee our service for 90 days from the date of install. Please call or emails us if any issues or leaking arises and we will respond quickly to solve the problem.

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Exceeding Expectations


Please contact us to set up one of the following services or just to ask questions

Plumber installs or change water filter. Replacement aqua filter. Repairman installing wat


We inventory your filters and units they are connected to and then create a schedule based off the volume needed by the unit and filter capabilities will also considering the previous filter exchange schedule.  We then come on site and swap our your filters  per the schedule. 


We test your water each time we are on site for a scheduled filter exchange or installation. We will test for Calcium Carbonate, Total Hardness, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and the possible presence of Ammonia. We then report back to you, on your invoice what the water test results were for that day. 


We can install new filters systems as a replacement to ones that exist if the water shut off is near by the system. If a new system need to be installed where the copper needs to be cut into then we either work with your local  plumber of choice or we subcontract one as we are not licensed plumbers. 

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